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BrevisRefero Features


Outsourcing simplified, so your team can focus on getting it done.

Using our RFP Smart Wizards, setting up an RFP is easier than ever before. RFP>Navigator walks you through a series of guided questions that are used to populate an RFP, ensuring only the necessary information is published to Providers in the right way. Creating an RFP used to take endless weeks, but at RFP>Navigator we have it down to days.

Innovator Sponsor

Try RFP>Navigator for free as an Innovator


Simplified online confidentiality process with balanced terms expediting engagement


Direct access to a global network of Providers


Confidential B2B direct communications with Providers in the application 


Concierge member support with access to outsourcing experts


Powerful analytical tools for accelerated & simplified decision short-list making


Auto-normalized proposal data presented in side-by-side views after RFP closing

Try RFP>Navigator for free as a Provider

End the hunt for high-quality project leads by letting RFP>Navigator bring quality projects to you. RFP>Navigator gives you instant access to actionable RFPs, cutting down your business development time and simplifying your quoting process. Help extend your business reach by joining us today!


Success-based fees paid only if you are  awarded a project 


Instant access to real, actionable RFPs from leading Innovator companies


Standardized RFP formats and project information to simplify your quoting process


Online proposal generation tools with set-and-forget company background and profile information


Simplified online confidentiality process with balanced terms expediting  engagement


Confidential B2B direct communications with Innovators in the application 

Try RFP>Navigator for free as a Facilitator

RFP>Navigator offers a distinct set of advantages to Facilitators as you bridge the gap between Innovators and Providers to get the job done. Let us simplify the RFP process, expediting engagement with Providers, so that you can get on to what matters most - delivering your clients' project.

Facilitator Consultant

Free Registration – we help you manage your clients RFP process more efficiently


User directed access control to your client's RFP


Confidential B2B direct communications with your client and Providers in the application

Simplify outsourcing. Minimize risk. Reduce cost.

RFP>Navigator is outsourcing accelerated. Fill out the form below to book a demo and let our team of experts assist you in making your company's RFP process more efficient than ever before. 

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