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BrevisRefero Facilitator



As a Facilitator your role is to guide your Innovator client through the complex process of developing, testing and bringing their products to the patient. Your consultant role means you will often assist with sourcing various Providers of contract services. RFP>Navigator offers a number of distinct advantages for our Facilitator members, ultimately making you shine as a consultant.

Free Registration – we help you run your clients RFP process more efficiently

Direct access to a global network of Providers 

User directed access control to your client's RFP

Smart Wizards to guide creation of professional RFPs that share the right information

Concierge member support with access to outsourcing professionals

Auto-normalized proposal data presented in side-by-side views after RFP closing

Powerful analytical tools for accelerated and simplified decision making

Simplified online confidentiality process with balanced terms expediting Provider engagement

Confidential online direct communications with prospective Providers  

Facilitator Features

Facilitators can share expertise and help clients to create and publish RFPs, compare proposals & shortlist providers.

Did we mention that we do everything we can so you are the most savvy consultant out there? 

Join the future of innovative outsourcing

Register today as a Facilitator to start accelerating your client's RFP process.

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